Tallinn Photomonth '17 01.09–29.10.2017

Image Drain


Tallinn Art Hall and Museum of Photography

View to "Distorted hands", Kristina Õllek, 2017

Image Drain is an exhibition of photography-related artworks whose reasons for being brought together are buried in a fiction about fixation, speculation and obsessive looking. The exhibition uses the notion of the photographic as an approach to the visual, rather than photography as a medium limited by certain technical specifications. In this understanding, a photograph is how one approaches the world in order to make sense of it, and therefore photography does not have to be limited to the production of traditional photographs.


The purpose of giving a fiction precedence over a critical or explicative voice is to introduce a contract of disbelief between the curator (or the institution) and the visitor. The fiction reminds you not to trust the curator, the institution, or the artworks too much.


Behind all of this, and behind the concept of imageness itself, is a faint impression of the digital as a kind of full abyss, in which any image at all can be found, hidden or generated, by no one in particular. The exhibition neither laments nor celebrates the digital, but rather merely acknowledges it as a necessary condition of our contemporary relationship to images of all kinds, and indeed to vision itself.