Tallinn Photomonth '17 01.09–29.10.2017

Russian book sales–exhibition

This year’s book sale-exhibition focuses on Russia. The exhibition by an artbook publishing group from Moscow, Russian Independent SelfPublished (RIS), introduces the tendencies and characteristics of Russian contemporary photographic art field.


Russian Independent SelfPublished collective was founded in 2015 by artists Natalia Baluta, Alla Mirovskaya and Elena Kholkina in order to internationally represent and promote photobooks by Russian authors, even under the circumstances of insufficient institutional support. Our mission in Russia is to inform, teach and allow access to the photobooks for a broader audience. Our mission internationally is to facilitate integration of photobooks and artists from Russia into the international network and market. The awareness of a photobook as an artistic medium is still low in Russia, therefore our indisputable priority is to popularize photobooks. We give lectures, organize workshops and seminars, participate in exhibitions, fairs, round table discussions on contemporary photography and photobooks in different parts of Russia. At the same time, participation in international festivals allows us to gain access to a much wider audience of viewers and professionals and to bring Russian artists and their projects into focus. In three years, we have presented nearly 100 book titles by 20 artists at major international events, such as Vienna Photobook Festival (2015-2017), Unseen Amsterdam (2015-2017), Cosmos Arles Books (2016-2017), Polycopies Paris (2015-2016), Los Angeles and New York Art Book Fairs (2017), etc.


Natalia Baluta, member of RIS, will introduce the book sale-exhibition on 30th of September at 5:30 pm. at the fair.

Members of RIS will introduce the presented art books on 1st of October, 3:30 pm.

These events will be held in English.

Anastasia Bogomolova. MYTHOLOGIQUE. Self-published. 2016